{truth} 3-D Printing

Amy Truth


By Amy Xu

{project} TRUTH

Since the industrial revolution, new technological innovations have emerged once every decade or so. They start as simply a trend or passing fancy, then eventually grow in importance until they become intertwined with our daily lives. This process is usually triggered by the distribution to the public. I believe that this is about to happen with the 3D printer. 3D printers have been around since the 1980s, but they’ve only been implemented in manufacturing and model-building. However, it won’t be long before 3D printers become the next big thing that everyone owns. Many think that 3D printing will eliminate creativity and encourage the “cookie-cutter” method of production, but it’s actually the exact opposite. 3D printing promotes the idea of high detail and low volume, the exact opposite of mass production. It enables the everyday person to share their ideas of design across the globe and customize a standard model to fit their personal needs. The cost of desktop 3D printers have dropped significantly in recent years and more people are starting to buy or build them. Websites exist where users can upload and download designs that they can modify before printing in their own homes. Imagine a day when I can create a design of this Truth art, based on an original idea, and create it with perfect precision using a 3D printer in a matter of hours. Oh wait, I already can.

amyinfographic-01amyxu_headshotAmy Xu is a student currently studying at PrattMWP. She was born in China and studied the visual arts in Canada. She specializes in graphic design with an enthusiasm for artistic precision and the publishing process. She also takes an interest in fiction and concept art. Amy takes her work seriously and aspires to contribute to her generation. She also believes that 3D printers will be the next big thing. They will take over the world, both literally and figuratively.



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