{topTED} Why videos go viral. – Kevin Allocca

Review by Nicole Lynn Riddle

If you ever wondered how exactly a video goes viral, this will give you a helpful insight into the process of viral glory.

Things I learned from this TED Talk:

  • There are A LOT of videos posted on YouTube every minute.
  • “Taste makers” are the catalysts that make videos go viral.
  • Rebecca Black’s Friday song still gives me a headache.
  • No matter how old a viral video is, people will still laugh at it.
  • Viral videos don’t always become hits the second they are posted.
  • And my favorite….you can watch YouTube videos professionally.

pic2 copyNicole Lynn Riddle is an art student originating from San Antonio, Texas. She is currently studying communications design at PrattMWP in Utica, NY. Her hobbies consist of doodling all over her class notes, searching the internet for new information, watching anime or anything animated, and waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 to come out.

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