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Born in California and raised in Hong Kong, Michele Chu is an international student currently studying at PrattMWP with a focus on  Illustration & Communication Design. She aspires to be a children’s book illustrator working in New York City, and  her pastimes  include watching Asian dramas, exploring good places to eat, and collecting anything Hello Kitty.

My Top Ted:

Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids

Child prodigy Adora Svitak shares her insights on “What Adults Can Learn from Kids” Reviewed by Michele Chu

Starting right from the beginning of the speech, Svitak makes you think about the roles of adults and children in society, and the differences between them. Nowadays, the word childish is used as an adjective to deem adults who demonstrate irresponsible behavior and irrational thinking. But Svitak shows us that these connotations are not true, and that we should “abolish this age discrimatory word” starting today. Instead of setting our expectations low for children, we should not underestimate their abilities and recognize their positive power and influence (ie. Ruby Bridges, Anne Frank, Charlie Simpson). After all, age has no correlation between these two variables, and we should not put a limit to these children. We should encourage an exchange of ideas between adults and children, and learn more from children in terms of their undying persistence and strong belief to change the world positively. And if we all adopt these “childlike” traits, I am sure the world could be pushed further, and possibilities to do greater things will be widened.

So, things we can learn from these midgets we call children?

Dream big, aim high, and believe.  

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