{topTED} The power of Introverts

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Kristina Smith is from Rutherford, New Jersey. She is studying Communication Design at PrattMWP with a focus in Graphic Design, and plans to continue her education in Brooklyn next year. She enjoys reading, going to concerts, obsessing over fictional characters, and walking around New York City until she can’t feel her feet.


Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts

reviewed by Kristina Smith

Susan Cain is an author who recently published a book about introversion. In her Ted talk she makes some very interesting points about the bias against introverts in our society. She talks about how our society sees introversion as a negative way of being and mostly accommodates extroverts. She explains how our schools and workplaces should have more of a balance between group work and independent thinking. It is important especially in schools to ensure this balance, because if kids are only taught to perform in groups they won’t know how to rely on their own minds and cannot form their own opinions without being influenced by others. She also talks about how our society can benefit from embracing people with different ways of thinking and by placing them in their appropriate “zone of stimulation.” I think that a big problem in our society is rejecting anything that is different from “normal,” and it carries over to other areas such as race and sexuality. This constant rejection of anything different from ourselves is hindering the growth and evolution of our society, and instead we should be embracing it.

reviewed by Kristina Smith

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