{topTED} What we don’t understand about trust



Originally from Oswego, NY, Keegan Dowd-Denton is currently a student at PrattMWP in Utica, NY. He is majoring in graphic design with a  focus on illustration for graphic novels and other forms of visual literature.


Onora O’Neill:
What we don’t understand about trust

Reviewed by Keegan Dowd-Denton.

I personally enjoyed the talk by Baroness Onora O’Neill. I believe humanity as a whole is losing its ability to trust and form strong bonds due to the lack of trust or trustfulness in others because of a gradual shift in belief that seems to be developing with millennials. We can’t believe that humans are able to trust or create genuine bonds. I feel that this is attributed to naivety that makes people believe more in false personalities and are not willing to accept that others may be trustworthy, until proven otherwise.

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