{topTED} 3 rules to spark learning – Ramsey Musallam

Society's Impact on the Vulnerabilities of the SelfSam Temple is a student at PrattMWP majoring in Communications Design and concentrating in advertising. She considers herself, however, an artist of all trades, preferring to delve into every aspect of the arts and incorporate them within each other’s purposes. Her more recent artwork focuses on the social psychology regarding gender roles and sexual development.  Gourmet organic and sustainable food advertising or fashion advertising are career paths she is currently pursuing.

Reviewed by Sam Temple

Ramsey Musallam’s TED talk is interesting to me because he sees teaching with a fresh set of unbiased, excited eyes. He also seems to have a true desire for the well-being and growth of his students. Pointing out that creativity is spurred by curiosity and encouragement, he gives insight into the fact that many teachers, like him in the past, may have been pseudo-teaching. He wants to “confuse and perplex” his students in an attempt to “inform through methods of blatant instruction.” He believes that students asking questions is the seed to real learning, and he draws this from his experiences with his young four year old daughter. My conclusion—all teachers should be forced to have the prerequisite title of “parent” first.

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