{topTED} Stefan Sagmiester: Happiness by Design


Ianna Rios

From Puerto Rico to New York, Ianna Rios is currently studying at PrattMWP in Utica, NY. Only 18 years of age and with a lot to experience ahead of her, Nanny never thought she would end up in art school to study advertising and communications design. She doesn’t know what the world has in store for her but—cannot wait to see and do.  Outside of art she enjoys to run and loves to watch movies of any genre.


Stefan Sagmiester: Happiness by Design

reviewed by Ianna Rios

This talk focuses on how to reach or achieve happiness by design. If you are content with your process towards the design, good design comes out. Through a humoristic tone Stefan Sagmiester explains how one can obtain happiness through the process of design, therefore, creating great results. He illustrates this with examples throughout his life and explains to his audience that most of his happiest moments in life had to do with design.

I agree with Sagmiester because a designer is usually trained to engage with the masses with a focal point in commerce.  Sadly, our goal tends to become making money when in reality it should be to find happiness in the work we do, and once we find that happiness and the outcome will be much better. The video serves as an inspiration to artists that have lost their connection with the art itself and to help them reconnect with not only their art but also themselves.


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