{truth} Suicide


by Ruby Ann Muñoz

{project} TRUTH
Suicide is a serious public health problem that takes an enormous toll on the United States with each passing year. I created my Truth project with a single idea in mind – to somehow visually represent or symbolize the many lives that have been lost due to the act of suicide. I wanted to accomplish this through a visually pleasing and much more heartfelt manner rather than a dark and dismal one. The small purple hearts represent the many that have passed away due to suicide, while the large red heart embodies all the individuals that have found hope and the courage to go on with their lives.

IMG_0249These Swarovski gemstones are situated in a cloudy light cerulean blue-sky setting to signify peace, freedom, and evidently heaven. To add a sturdy and more aesthetically pleasing quality I built the art piece out of wood. This also allowed me to play with adding negative space within the artwork to create a variety of interesting shadows. With the many disturbing statistics on suicide, at times it is hard to remember that it can indeed be prevented. Most people who attempt suicide in actuality do not want to die—they just want to stop hurting. Overall, this art piece is meant to illustrate that there is still a gleaming ray of hope at the end of the tunnel and you do not have to be a statistic.


photo credit: Adam Heisig
Ruby Muñoz – photo credit: Adam Heisig

Born and raised in border town Laredo, Texas, Ruby Ann Muñoz presently resides in upstate NY as a student at PrattMWP. She is a Communications Design major with a concentration in Graphic Design. Design is only one of her many passions. Her heart also lies with dance, music, and overall the performing arts. She began playing music at a fairly young age and has been strongly disciplined in all genres of dance. Ruby is currently working on combining these various passions in hopes of revolutionizing the entertainment industry while doing what she loves. Her plans are to continue her Communications Design degree at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.



Suicide Infograph Animation from Team Meetinghouse on Vimeo.

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