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alekz_finalinfo-01Alekz-TruthBy Alekzandra Jackson Rakovsky

{project} TRUTH
I don’t really know how it starts- I guess it starts with a blank page. And the next thing I know I’m covered in black and white dust and the light bulb behind me has molecular pieces of newsprint swimming around it. And then there’s words and circles and lines and faces covering the sheet. And then I take my headphones out and step back, trying to remember how the rhythmic sounds in my brain caused my hands to create such honesty on a sketch pad. And then I write some more and then go outside and find the brightest part of the night and capture it on camera. I’m always looking for some kind of truth in the way I see everything. And if I can’t see that truth, I create it by throwing paint on a canvas or capturing rawness of a moment with a camera, or twisting its reality with a piece of charcoal.


alekz_headshot2Alekzandra Jackson Rakovsky grew up drawing on her walls, making spaceships out of cardboard boxes, and spreading glitter and paint on the floor of her apartment in her hometown of New Jersey. She continues to draw and spread paint at Pratt MWP, in Utica New York, where she majors in Communications Design, specifically Graphic Design. She has never known what it is exactly she wants to do with her abilities to write, draw, paint, and design. She is confident that all she wants to do is create and share her creations, and love the hell out of doing just that everyday. In her spare time, her hands never stop moving, and as a result, her sketchbooks become more tattered and filled with drawings and poetry. Alekz is also certain that she will be  continuing her studies at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, after her time at MWP is fulfilled. 

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