{truth} Fur Facts

By Ching An Wu

{project} TRUTH 2015
Humans are considered the most intelligent civilization on this planet however, we tend to do whatever we want in order to satisfy our desires; whether it can harm the life of another species. We still do it because we are the species on the top of the pyramid right now. We see a lot of people, or even more and more people wearing clothing made from animal fur or skin: leather jackets, fur coats, hats, scarves, shoes, bags and even adornments. By following the fashion trends and the market demand for luxury clothing trades, we kill over 50 million animals each year. Some of the animals are raised up in the farm called “The Fur Industry” or “The Leather Factory”, they are born to be skinned and made into our “trendy clothing.”

Thus, my truth project is about the fur coat facts. I used faux fur and faux leathers of different kinds of animals that being made into clothes; also I inserted some glass eyes, such as angora rabbit, fox, tigers, sheep, goats and so on. First, I cut off the shapes from the template, and pasted different kinds of furs and leathers onto the canvas; then, I inserted the animal eyes into each part of the word “truth”, so they look more realistic but yet abstract. While people are looking at this work, they will feel the work itself is looking at them, because it contains so many animal eyes, and they look weirdly real. I also applied some gold leaf to decorate the side border of the canvas, so it looks more luxurious, but it also gives the ironic feeling of how vain and cruel humans are.

Ching An Wu fix 2DSC_6777

Ching An Wu, born in Taiwan, 1995, is raised in a family of lawyers, judges, and clerks. She is enthusiastic about anything relating to art and fashion. She studied visual arts in Taiwan until 2010 when she attended Denver School of the Arts in Denver. Currently focusing on illustration at Pratt Institute she continues to explore and experiment with new artistic methods and techniques. Though she is studying to be a visual artist, she secretly dreams of becoming an astronaut.




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