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What is {Project} TRUTH?

{Project} TRUTH is an educational art movement that aims to bring attention to and create positive change regarding important matters ranging from local issues to global concerns through the creation, exhibition, and sale of original and meaningful artwork. It is a collaborative effort inspired by the unparalleled  artist of American icons—Robert Indiana—the creator of LOVE and HOPE. Each piece of art is connected to a theme chosen by the collaborating artist and the work will be exhibited and available for purchase with the proceeds benefiting individual artist concerns and future collaborations. see {project} Truth on Exhibit

{ project } TRUTH Manifesto

We believe in the power of communication and that
each of us has a TRUTH to share.

We prefer a world where greed isn’t rewarded
and discrimination no longer exists.

We understand that life isn’t fair,
laughter is great medicine, and nature is a wonder.

We no longer believe the propaganda put out by
today’s established institutions.

We choose to represent our TRUTH in order to
create positive change.


Project Truth {2015} – students created and infographic to accompany the artwork.
Adamtruth Alekz-Truth Amy Truth ChingAn-Truth rubytruth Cherin truth Ava-Truth Suree-Truth YouLim-Truth Tristen Lydia-Truth Ophelia-Truth Tabitha-Truth Rob-Truth Keiona-Truth leotruth

Special thanks to our gallery committee for hanging up the 2015 show. You guys are badass!

DSCN2805cindy Truth transparent


The Truth Artwork began as a series of two foot square canvases serving in  tribute to Robert Indiana following her visit with the artist. The Letters of TRUTH are displayed in the Clarendon Typeface and overlapped to obscure the word yet – TRUTH can be found for those looking for it.

truth process


alison zahn Truth progress





kalina wink

Please stay tuned for progress on {project} TRUTH as it develops.

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