{news} Three Students to Watch from PrattMWP

10623824_219923865020572_1224631461_nGDUSA starts each year by choosing a group of People To Watch who embody the spirit of the creative community. Individuals we have come to know and respect for a combination of talent, leadership, success, newsworthiness and community service. The roster of past participants is star-studded, to say the least. The 2016 group adds to the glow.

With the help of many of America’s leading art and design schools, once again GDUSA identifies top students ready to burst on the design scene. Some are undergrads, others are graduate students, all have found personal and professional growth through their programs.

An unprecedented three students studying communications design with Professor Cindy Buckley Koren were selected for the title Students to Watch. A feature image and interview of each student was published in volume one of GDUSA 2016 and is available online:  http://gdusa.com/studentstowatch2016/students-to-watch-in-2016


Manuella Bonomi is a Nigerian art student currently studying Communication Design at PrattMWP. In Nigeria, she lived close to a local arts and crafts village for most of her childhood. There she discovered how much she loved art and design at an early age. Growing up in such a vibrant culture inspires Manuella to create colorful, rich designs and patterns; her work reflects a variety of Western and African influences. Beyond graphic design, Manuella is also passionate about painting, illustration and jewelry. She believes that design is a strong platform that can affect change, therefore she aspires to create designs that can resonate deeply with people!!

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

HermanAwukuGDUHerman Awuku is an aspiring designer/art director from Stavanger, Norway. He got a brief introduction to graphic design at Berghs School of Communication before attending Pratt Institute’s Utica campus to get a Fine Arts foundation. He is a firm believer that form follows function and strives to master various mediums and techniques in order to create visuals that translate the concept effectively and appropriately. His aim for the future is to create holistic and meaningful work with a high aesthetic quality. Currently, his biggest interests within design are experimental letterforms, branding and illustration.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky

RileyDonahue-GDUSAPhoto (1)With a handful of drawings and a beat up ’76 Subaru coupe ‒ Old Riley Artworks was born in Vancouver WA. From drawing every insect dug up in the backyard to doodling skulls and snakes in church, Riley spent his early years mastering his craft and discovering his artistic voice, while maintaining an equally heavy interest in music. Inspired by his mother, an art teacher and head of a top art gallery, and his father, a decorated marine and nationally ranked swimmer, Riley learned that hard work was the key to his dreams. Old Riley Artworks has been featured in 18 exhibitions with several national honors along the way. Despite his title, Old Riley is just a teenager taking his first steps into the art world as a creative soldier, armed and ready to speak to the world.

I don’t make art to make change; I make art to make people think. I’m not pushing my own beliefs, I am creating an instant where a viewer can remove themselves from all prior beliefs and be free for just a moment. In a moment of freedom comes growth, and with growth comes change. Observe. Think. Live.


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