{news} Strong Image – Powerful Message

Protest signs designed by former PrattMWP student Riley Donahue have been featured on news outlets including the Chicago Times. (Yana Paskova / Getty Images)

Former students in Manhattan practiced their communications design skills by peacefully protesting with strong imagery and a powerful message. Regardless of your political choices—the impact of this visual can not be denied.

For every African-American, for every woman, for every poor family,  for every gay boy and girl, for every immigrant, for every bullied kid, for every transgender boy and girl, for every scared teen, for every minority,
for every human being  – FIGHT the HATE –                R. Donahue 2016

Clearly both sides have been heard and it is time to peacefully move forward with our country’s best interests in check and let go of every kind of hate.

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