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Noelle Tibke
Noelle Tibke

Introducing Bay Shore Naturals: a new product line of all natural skin products created by an amazing young creative from Bay Shore, Long Island —Noelle Tibke.

Noelle hand made the skin butters and sun cream from her secret recipe of all natural ingredients. Bay Shore Naturals is a brand focused on providing all natural skin care products for the environmentally conscious consumer. This brand was created for a Visual Communications Project at PrattMWP. The inner boxes are made from renewable bamboo, and the products themselves are made from all natural, environmentally safe and stable resources, such as bee’s wax, coconut oil, and olive oil.

Hello Noelle,
Congratulations! One of your projects was just featured on packagingserved.com and will appear on its front page. We developed our network of category-specific Served sites to further showcase the best projects on Behance, offering your work even more exposure.
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