{news} Our team takes home SEVEN American Graphic Design Awards

imgresWE very proudly announce that eight students will receive awards this year.  It is no surprise that PrattMWP ComD students have again gained national recognition for their outstanding design work.  With just under 10,000 entries only a very highly selective 15 percent were honored with a Certificate of Excellence and will be published in the Winners Gallery online, a digital annual and in the upcoming print annual of Graphic Design USA magazine.


Congratulations to Professor Cindiana Koren of the {meetinghouse} creative collaborative and PrattMWP College of Art and Design for the following projects.

Let’s Get Busy Event Teaser Campaign

  • Youlim Lee
  • Tabitha Perry
  • Ava Welling
  • Adam Heisig

Kay’s Garden Branding and Package Design

  • Ophelia Sniffen

Gold Leaf Milk Tea Branding and Package Design

  • Adam Heisig

Alice and Ann  Branding and Packaging Design

  • Ching An Wu

Metapothecary Branding and Package Design

  • Tyler Chisenhall

Temporary Typographic Design

  • Ophelia Sniffen

Minion Pro Typographic Specimen

  • Amy Xu


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