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One of the hardest parts of my job is to select award winners and this year the work put out by the sophomore class of 2016 was the best in the twelve years that I have been teaching in the Communications Design Program. Our students’ work has been recognized around the world and I have never been more proud. The British Journal of Aesthetics, GD USA, International TypoDay, American Heart Association, and Packaging of the World are a few of the honors. All of the students should be proud of what we have accomplished this year.

Ryan Aumiller Memorial Award : Alejandro Alvarez and Marie-Laurence Daigle

IMG_0675In honor of his outstanding dedication to the Communications Design Department at PrattMWP – The Ryan Aumiller Memorial Award was established in 2012 to recognize students that display outstanding progress and professionalism in communications design with grace and good humor.

Alejandro_BioPicAlejandro Alvarez is a Dominican designer and photographer. His logo design for America’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk will be used in 2017 to help raise over one million dollars for the American Heart Association. Although he is concentrating in graphic design he also focuses on photography, illustration and screen-printing. Alejandro was introduced from a really young age to the world of design, thanks to his grandfather, one of the most recognized advertisers in the Dominican Republic. Alejandro’s strong work ethic and spicy energy brings his work and the spirits of those around him to a higher level.

P1touchupMarie-Laurence Daigle is a designer and painter. During her time at PrattMWP she developed her skills in design and two of her student projects were recognized by Packaging of the World. Her passion for creativity has led her to express herself in fine arts, outdoor murals and graphic design. She is influenced by many different abstract artists and modern designers. As an artist, Marie-Laurence would like to create pieces that involve music and musicians; her dream is to create albums and posters for the music industry and spend her lifetime exploring colors, shapes, balance and rhythm in her artwork.

Taylor Strait HOPE Award for Outstanding Achievement in Advertising Art Direction: Herman Awuku

HermanAwukuGDUHerman Awuku is an aspiring designer/art director from Stavanger, Norway. He got a brief introduction to graphic design at Berghs School of Communication before attending Pratt Institute’s Utica campus to get a Fine Arts foundation. He is a firm believer that form follows function and strives to master various mediums and techniques in order to create visuals that translate the concept effectively and appropriately. His aim for the future is to create holistic and meaningful work with a high aesthetic quality. Currently, his biggest interests within design are experimental letterforms, branding and illustration. {link to Packaging of the World display}

PrattMWP Graphic Design Award : Amaia Victoria Garcia

AGarcia_HeadshotAmaia Victoria Garcia is a Spanish-Filipino graphic designer currently obtaining her BFA in communication design at PrattMWP. Amaia’s work ranges in scope from experimental hand lettering to modernist typography and versatile illustration styles. Her Tierra Selva branding project is featured on Packaging of the World.


PrattMWP Illustration Award : Jess Mellen

jess mellonWith virtually no arts program throughout high school, Jess Mellen has been doodling and defying a science and sports-loving community since she could pick up a crayon. Jess has developed her illustration skills through hard work and dedication and demonstrated outstanding achievement. Specializing in graphic ink drawings, technical drawings, and sequential art, Jess aspires to be a concept illustrator working in the film and television fields.

Easton Pribble Award for Overall Outstanding Achievement : Manuella Bonomi

ManuellaManuella Bonomi is a Nigerian art student currently studying Communication Design at PrattMWP. She grew up in Nigeria and for most of her childhood, lived quite close to a local arts and crafts village. This enabled her to discover how much she loved art and design at an early age. Growing up in such a vibrant culture often inspires Manuella to create colorful, rich designs and patterns; her works usually reflect a variety of Western and African influences. Besides graphic design, Manuella is also passionate about painting, illustration and jewelry. She chooses to use what she learns from these different aspects to strengthen her overall work. Manuella believes that design is a strong platform that can inspire change, and aspires to create designs that can resonate deeply with people.

Student Leadership Award : Bridget Finley


picture of me bridget finleyBridget Finley is a student designer currently at Pratt Institute at Munson-Williams-Proctor with a focus in Advertising Art Direction. She demonstrates her abilities by managing a heavy course load with a long list of responsibilities. As a participant in AIGA and president of Student Council at her college, she feels getting involved is an important part of her experience. Taking on new challenges and studying arts and designers inspires her to explore her limitations.

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