{news} New logo unveiled.


The American Heart Association threw a party at the Saranac Brewery to celebrate the hard work and dedication of all the volunteers that help the organize and raise over one million dollars with America’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk.

During the ceremony, executive director, Dick Mattia recognized the long standing relationship with Cindy Koren’s visual communications class which has been providing logos for the annual event. Also mentioned was Kassandra Gillette—the student designer from last year’s event. The committee unveiled the 2015 logo designed by PrattMWP student Michele Chu, an international student from Hong Kong.

The exciting {news} is that the Association made the bold decision to apply a more contemporary stylistic approach to the 2015 logo. To avoid confusion the committee did, however, require the words (heart and run) be added to the original design. What’s your opinion? Please leave us a comment.

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logo present

original design by Michele Chu with annotations.
original design by Michele Chu with annotations.


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