{news} 2015 ComD Awards

class of 2015

Congratulations to the entire student body at PrattMWP. The most difficult part of my job is selecting award winners out of such a highly creative group of students. Each of these award winning students produced outstanding work in the classroom and contributed in many other ways such as the PrattMWP Design Group—a newly formed student club that was responsible for events such as Let’s Get Busy and the Sharpener Design-a-thon event.

The Ryan Aumiller Memorial Award 2015

photo credit: Adam Heisig

Honoring the memory of the founding computer technician at PrattMWP, this award recognizes outstanding progress and professionalism in the  area of Communications Design. The student earning this award produced superior work and pushed each piece beyond all expectations. The family and friends of Ryan Aumiller give special recognition to Ruby Muñoz for her info graphic design that inspired the collaborative animation highlighting the facts about suicide.

The Taylor Strait Memorial HOPE Award 2015

Adam stachNamed for a former PrattMWP ComD student, this award recognizes an outstanding student who excels in advertising and art direction. It was presented to Adam Heisig who has been honored nationally as a student to watch by GD USA magazine. Additionally, his package design and branding campaign was internationally recognized by both Packaging of the World and on the DieLINE under the headline, “Concepts we wish were real.”

The Communications Design Honors Award 2015

02Awarded to Ching An Wu the Communications Design Honors represents the student who excels in each area of the department with a strength in illustration.  Ching An Wu, born in Taiwan, was raised in a family of lawyers, judges and clerks, yet she prefers to focus on art and fashion. Currently studying illustration at Pratt Institute she continues to explore and experiment with new artistic methods and techniques. Though she plans to be a visual artist, she secretly dreams of becoming an astronaut.

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