{news} 2014 Aumiller Award Recipients

PrattMWP ComD Class of 2014
PrattMWP ComD Class of 2014

Thanks to this year’s generous donations we were able to grant two awards for 2014 to honor ComD founding technician Ryan Aumiller.

Cindiana and Virginia Bahena

Virgina Bahena and Aviv Tchernichovski were honored at the PrattMWP Commencement Ceremony at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute on May 15th.

In recognition of his outstanding dedication to the Communications Design Department at PrattMWP – The Ryan Aumiller Memorial Award was established in 2012 to honor students that display outstanding progress and professionalism in communications design.

The essence of this award reflects the ability of these students to embrace new technology and naturally assist fellow classmates with grace and good humor. Both this year’s recipients demonstrated remarkable communication skills—especially with regards to creative project advice and helpful technical guidance. They also both volunteered their skills to contribute outside of the classroom.

title board


Virgina Bahena hails from Chicago and is a diehard hockey fan. She consistently displayed outstanding progress inside and outside of the classroom. Beyond her typical assignments she summed up the fall semester in a blackboard list that now serves as the first draft of the Communications Design Survival Guide. She also utilized her silkscreening skills to assist with the Reclaim the Kitchen project—a collaboration with Debra Richardson from the Leaf Loaf and Ladle. Links: Virginia’s behance portfolio and Virginia’s Word it page.

Cindiana, Aviv T. and Beth Post
super teacher of the year
“Cindiana – Super Teacher of the year” illustration by Aviv Tchernichovski

Aviv Tchernichovski originally from Israel but now living in Beacon NY will be heading to Brooklyn in the fall to continue her studies in illustration. She’s also interested in graphic design and typography. Her hobbies include learning etymology, getting unflattering pictures of herself taken and collecting toy teacups.

Aviv provided me with valuable assistance as I prepared my TEDx Utica Talk including this adorable illustration of me. Aviv has been developing a wide range of illustration and design skills that is demonstrated well here on her Behance portfolio. and  her  Word it page.


Cindiana with Nicole Riddle

Additionally, Nicole Riddle – should be mentioned here, as I know that Ryan would have liked to see her recognized for her extreme effort and remarkable dependability. Nicole was always the first student in the lab every morning and she attended every event without fail. She quietly did everything and anything that was asked of her. This included helping me with my lectures and pushing her projects as far as they could go—all without complaining…or at least I never heard her. 😉 Nicole’s portfolio. Nicole’s Wordit page.




climate nicoleriddle
“Climate” Wordit by Nicole Riddle
"Equality" by Nicole Riddle
“Equality” Wordit by Nicole Riddle

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