Lynn Pauley—artist and illustrator at the {meetinghouse}.

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Famous for her signature line, Pauley often works on location.
Famous for her signature line, Pauley often works on location.

Lynn Pauley is an artist and an illustrator.

Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times, Yankee Magazine, Rolling Stone and Sports Illustrated to list a few. Her innovative scavenger hunt collages technique was used to complete the award winning wraparound mural for P.S. 246 in the Bronx under the Robin Hood Library Initiative directed by Pentagram Design NYC.

Pauley relocated to Utica in 2012 and teaches Illustration Methods and Materials, Illustration and Drawing, and Figure Drawing here on MWP’s campus. She has taught illustration drawing and painting and design to students at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY as well as Kutztown University, Delaware College of Art and Design, Syracuse University, Parsons School of Design and the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

KFCCheck your latest issue of CA, to see Lynn’s recording of typography and signage from the world around her. This is a repurposed AIGA booklet that she received in the mail, added gesso and preground the pages in color. Done in her car along McDade Blvd.

Mark your calendars for a {meetinghouse} EVENT.

Wednesday February 6, 2013 at 4 p.m.

Exhibit – Lynn Pauley Collage

1124 State Street, Utica N.Y.

For the first time ever, Pauley, PrattMWP Visiting Professor in Illustration, will display approximately 300 original collages in her ground floor campus office/studio. Collected from objects found on site , Pauley’s current exhibit, employs the time honored technique of the scavenger hunt. Looking daily for pieces of ephemera; scraps of paper, stamps, tubing advertisements, chocolate wrappers, train ticket stubs, bottle caps Pauley assembles, inverts, crops and transforms these colorful items into brand new abstract constructions.

Collage 20001

From Georges Braque to Kurt Schwitters, artists have constantly changed and broken the way to re-purpose found items into new and original forms of art.

Using paint, hand-painted paper, personal handwriting, scissors, India ink, glue and common everyday items, Lynn Pauley rearranges objects in beautiful, simple, poetic collages.

These discarded ready-made materials compositions are made and edited based on hierarchies of shape, color, meaning and form. Scraps of paper have been examined and rotated into pleasing arrangements. Seemingly pedestrian objects become pieces of art.

To view a complete compilation of her work please visit:

Collage 10001




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