{inspiration} Zogby to First Globals, “Let’s Get Busy.”

Two bracelets I wear everyday.
Two bracelets I wear everyday.

On October 23, 2013, I put on a because I said I would bracelet and I haven’t taken it off since. Alex Sheen inspired me to make a promise which was to “collaborate with John Zogby and … do stuff that matters.”

My fellow TEDx Utica Talker, political pollster John Zogby calls me a “Nike”—because of my just do it attitude.

Zogby's book available on amazon.com
Zogby’s book available on amazon.com

In his recent book, First Globals, Understanding, Managing, & Unleashing the Potential of Our Millennial Generation, Zogby has analyzed all the data, divided us into cohorts, and named us accordingly.

My parents are The Privates. My mentors were The Woodstockers and my students (born 1979 – 1994) are what he calls the “First Globals.” Sadly, he points out a subgroup that deserves the most concern; the CENGAs—College Educated Not Going Anywhere. What I love most about John Zogby is his confidence in the First Globals to use their outstanding talents as he challenges them to “get busy.”

Making my promise with John Zogby, 2013.
Making my promise with John Zogby, 2013.

The{meetinghouse} gladly accepts Mr. Zogby’s challenge.

Our current bureaucratic structures are stemmed in verticalism and Zogby believes that First Globals will break that pattern by shifting to horizontal problem solving via social networks and crowd sourcing.

WE the students of PrattMWP Communications Design Department will be hosting a Constitution Day Event. Our objective is to demonstrate the value of design to citizens, public officials and businesses by providing a clear call to action to participate in activities for life, liberty, freedom, and prosperity.

Please Join us:

September 17, 2014

noon – 1 p.m.

Student Center, Kirkland Road. Utica N.Y.

John Zogby will be there too!

More event details to come.


Who is John Zogby? His bio begins like this:

One of America’s most prized thought leaders, John Zogby delivers incredible insight into the most important trends that will change our companies, our government, and our own lives. He has been heralded as the nation’s most accurate trend analyst today.

To see our Constitution Day Posters Click HERE.

let’s get busy + do stuff that matters + because I said I would = Inspired by TEDx Utica 2013


What is because I said I would?

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