{lesson} Don Draper’s Best Advertising Pitches.


As promised, I have put together some links for the best Madmen advertising pitchs.

Ironically, I noticed that Michael Bierut has chosen three of the same Madmen moments, so I suggest you read his post from Design Observer.



Click here for a good clip of Michael Bierut talking about typography.


Here’s a great parody relating to advertising today. 

I also thought Melissa Rosenthal, Vice president of creative services from Buzzfeed summed up the future of advertising well in this statement:

“Consumers will expect even more from advertising. The content will need to be increasingly honest, relatable and contextually relevant in order to help shift perceptions. With the continual evolution of in-stream ad products, the need for strong content will only increase. Brands producing content that feels taxing will fail, while others who understand the platforms for which they’re creating content will thrive, gain consumer trust and achieve social currency. The key here will be the shift away from the mindset of content as a window-to-window strategy and more as a perpetual way of speaking to the consumer through different lenses.

Art and design will continue to be a strong part of every aspect of advertising, but there will be an increased emphasis on data to help drive creative decisions. The combination of science, art and design will be used to test and learn to see what resonates. This methodology will increasingly become the primary way ‘big bet’ creative decisions are made, specifically in the form of video advertising. … Creative direction will be less focused on driving traffic back to a single destination, but rather on a holistic but distributed approach where many pieces of content are adapted to reach people where they are, specific to the devices that they’re using.

The big shift will be thinking about the future and the new technology that allows marketers to tell their story in unique ways. Through this, there may be older forms of ad models that are reinvented, but the focus will be on the new mediums and how they can best be utilized. There will be an increased awareness that there needs to be an adaption of the insight for the platform, which means that marketers will increasingly rely on creatives to be experts in all aspects of the evolving social space.”

– See more at: https://www.ama.org/publications/MarketingNews/Pages/advertising-predictions-experts-2016.aspx#sthash.up8vnBp2.dpuf

To sum up – since the days of Madmen advertising has evolved and must include:

  • Authentic and entertaining story telling

  • Muliti platform applications to build leverage and hopefully viral sharability

  • measurement  of data, attention to metrics in order to secure social currency

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