{inspiration} Christoph Niemann—overcome fear with creative practice.

Christoph Niemann: How to Overcome the 3 Fears Every Creative Faces from 99U on Vimeo.

Christoph Niemann is an illustrator, artist, and author. His work has appeared on the covers The New Yorker, Time, Wired, The New York Times Magazine and American Illustration, and has won awards from AIGA, the Art Directors Club and The Lead Awards.

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Everyday Objects turned into Playful Images by Christoph Niemann (11 Pictures)

As a creative Neimann is constantly pushing himself to think about things differently. This is why he dedicates time out of his week to work on a personal blog, Abstract Sunday—now hosted by the New York Times. In this project he picks up objects at random and attempts to integrate them into a drawing to give them a new perspective. The Impertinent Collection with museum adaptations are also inspiring.

The ComD 2016 team created Niemann inspired entries. The objective was to practice flexing creative muscles and to transform the object and share the results here. Enjoy!


This is a 360º Video. There are many ways you can enjoy this: MOBILE: watch this via the Youtube app. Move your phone around to see the whole room. DESKTOP: you can drag the video with your cursor to see the different angles (this should work in Chrome and Safari) VR HEADSET: for the ultimate immersion experience see the video with a VR headset (e.g. Oculus Go) or Google Cardboard.

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