Everybody Poops—What are you going to do?

Illustration by Alexandria Compo


Everybody poops. There’s even a children’s book about it. [link to book]

I remember our pediatrician sharing this book with one of my kids when they were constipated. I mean really—as a kid wasn’t  it weird to think of adults—like a doctor or a teacher actually taking a dump? I wonder how many of my old classmates remember the scariest 4th grade teacher in the school district who was known for making even the toughest kids cry. She perfected the two flush system so us kids couldn’t hear or even imagine what she was actually doing in the lavatory.

We all shit—so we might as well make it matter.

The folks at COMMON and Threadless teamed up and created a “Do Shit that Matters” campaign and my current and former students participated. We didn’t win the top honor but we came really (blanking) close.

I admit to being hesitant about posting cuss words. My 11 year old son has assumed the role of deputy sheriff of the swear police… so I get plenty of guilt when he catches one of us dropping a swear bomb.

Cuss words are best when treated like italics in well set typography.

They should be used sparingly. A properly placed f-bomb has a much bigger impact when inserted at a moment least expected, and an even bigger impact if used by a person you would never imagine uttering such a vulgar word. I’ll never forget when I first heard my eighty year old, prim and proper, neatly pressed grandmother use the word shit as the punchline of her now famous “wanna buy a toothbrush joke.” That line still has impact.

Alex Compo
I’m in love with the message of this illustration. For me it symbolizes putting yourself out there and just doing the best that you can.

The illustrator of the above Do Shit that Matters design is a former student of mine Alexandria Compo. She is a talented illustrator, musician, song writer and artist. It is my mission to help connect young, old or just plain ambitious people with rewarding projects and guide them into successful creative careers and collaborations.

Alexandria skillfully treated shit with beauty.  Spirals, honey combs, sprouts, butterflies and paper airplanes to send out a message that matters using a contemporary limited color palette and her soft homespun style. Alex knows how to bring it to the table — check her out [here]

Illustration by Alexandria Compo
Illustration by Alexandria Compo

I admit—if Alex’s design were offered on a tee-shirt —and we substituted something for shit, I’d buy it an wear it all the time.  Maybe we should screen print it on tote bags instead? Hey that’s a good idea. Don’t you think?

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These are the designs available from Threadless by Georgia Hill.

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